Project Details

Project realization start date: 04/2011
Date of project completion: 03/2014

This project is realized with the support of the European Union through the European Fund of Regional Development. In Slovak Republic the support is maintained through the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Economic growth, governed by the Ministry of Commerce of the Slovak Republic

EU funds planned for the project: 3 799 091 euro

Project carries the name "Small Hydro Electric Power Plant TEKOV /MVE/" and its goal is the evolution
of the Tekov region by developing this technical structure able to harness the available regional
renewable power sources. A specific goal in the project is the construction of a small scale hydro power
plant in the Novy Tekov area with its maximal output installed at 1.74 MW.

A brief description of the existing state of affairs

Currently there is no existing aquatic structure in the development area and the measurable indexes are zero.
The proposed structure will be situated in the registry area of the Nový Tekov commune; fluvial km 70,655 of the river Hron.
The territory above and underneath the construction profile has a natural character. The right shore
has an existing embankment and its current state is desolate, internal structure is unknown.
Currently the embankment is overgrown with self-seeding trees. We suppose that its objective is the
protection of Nový Tekov from common flooding, but it is not capable of protecting the village from
flooding higher than Q10 and more. The territory of the channel on the right side of the river is
covered with self-seeding trees and plants, many of which are in a dramatic desolate state. The left side
of the channel has a higher bank. Behind this higher bank lies a channel of a small stream called Perec;
also known as Hronček. Hronček flows into the Hron river under the proposed construction profile of the power
station and its weir. The left river bank is higher as mentioned above; this is the area of Starý Tekov with an altitude quote
between 167,80 m and 168 m elevation above sea level.

The anticipated future situation

The project realization creates an installation which will be able to create energy coming from renewable
sources. HEPP Tekov is an aquatic structure, its only production function is to produce electric
power using the energetic potential of the Hron river in the given area.
The plant is proposed as a weir-based power plant in the fluvial kilometre 70,654 on the river Hron.
The weir axis is embeded into the river profile in the 70,655 km; this axis is given by the upper axis
of the rubber weir used for the profile. The weir and the power plant itself are low constructions
Their look and technical execution underlie their function. The project is going to require the
creation of three work-positions after completion. The main and only productive activity of the
construction is generation of electric power. The anticipated yearly production of the plant, with its
two turbines installed is 10 233,- MWh/year - in an average year.

Other utilization of outcomes of this project

The complex of object comprising the hydro-electric-power-plant Tekov simultaneously ensures and
stabilizes the river Hron in the channel, reinforcing its banks above and under the weir
of the power plant and in the adjacent area. Some construction objects are temporary and required
only for completion of other permanent structures critical for the functioning of the power plant.
The hydro-electric-power-plant Tekov creates and ensures a signifficantly better flooding protection
of both villages: Stary & Novy Tekov. This provided flood-protection is of higher quality and level
compared to the current flood-protection available in the area.

In accord with programme documents

This project is in accord with the Programme for Economic, Social and Cultural development
of the Nitra autonomous region for the years 2008-2013 in the strategic axis:
Axis II. The environment and sustainable development of the region - for creating and
maintaining a sustainable development of the region with explicit emphasis on the decrease
of risks, or decreasing of the negative effects of processes and occurences impacting the
environment through the development of technologies for environmental infrastructure, and
through the increase in the environmental literacy of the regions population.

The project is also in accord with the national strategy in the area of innovations:
"The proposal on Innovative policy of Slovak Republic for years 2008 until 2010 (endorsed
by the government of Slovak Republic on the 27th of February 2008 Act no. 128/2008).
The project fulfils the aim of the innovative strategy no. 1: Increasing the competitive
ability of entrepreneurs by maintaining the principles of permanently sustainable development.
Permanently sustainable development - through the application of modern technologies the project
contributes to the fulfilment of the strategic aim under the Permanent Sustainable Development
initiative, point number 25. Decrease in the use of non-renewable-energy sources through increased
application of renewable energy sources.

Project description - technical implementation:

From the technical point of view, we speak of a small-scale-hydro-electric-power-plant.
The definitive technical solutions for the construction complexes of the power plant is going
to be executed through a contractor /the successful candidate in a public commercial tender/.
Technical alternatives were evaluated before the tender announcement and were incorporated into
the tender conditions. The object of the hydro-power-plant is situated on the ride side of the
channel. The weir is connected to the power-plant through a dilatation. The weir has a solid concrete
ground and a rubber water-inflatable bag as the top of the weir. Between the right side of the weir
and the power-plant object lies a gravel floodgate in length 3.0 m. The weir consist of two
panels with a solid ground construction. The water is held against an inflatable rubber bag
mounted on top of the solid weir. The gauge pressure of the rubber bag used is 1,5 fold of the
hatching level. The stilling basin is projected as a scuffed chute. A special part of the construction
of the power plant is the object of a bridge through the river Hron. The weir and power plant are
low constructions and their look and technical execution underlie their function and the future operation.

Increasing the flood-protection mechanism

An accessory technical target of the proposed construction is the increase in the
anti-flooding-protection of the adjacent territory of the Nový Tekov village situated behind
the embankment on the right side of the river. The area of Starý Tekov village on the left
side of the channel is situated on a naturally higher terrain.

Basic construction data and operational compilation:

fluvial kilometre /weir and plant/: 70,655
placement in relation to topography: 250 m above the existing ford
Water tables information:

Upper maximum operating water table given the flow up to 60,0 m3/1s /Q90days/ 166,10 elevation above sea level
Low operating water table given the flow Q = 8,0 m3/1s 160,95 m elevation above sea level
Low operating water table given the flow Q270 = 19,50 m3/1s 161,26 m elevation above sea level
Low operating water table given the flow Q = 60,5 m3/1s 161,89 m elevation above sea level
Nett Head 4,2 m
Water table above the weir by Q100 = 1 150 m3.s-1 166,80 m above sea level.
Water table below the weir by Q100 = 1 150 m3.s-1 166,23 m above sea level

Kaplan Pit Turbine 3-KP-225 with adjustable distributing paddles
The turbine closing is accomplished with the use of weights, the turbine closes itself after losing power.
The turbine is powered by a directly connected synchronous generator. The operation is parallel with the public

Main turbine parameters:
Turbines 2 x 3-KP-225
Netti head HN = 4,2 m
Max flow through Qmax = 29 m3s-1
Max Output on coupling Ptmax = 975 kW
Turbine RPM nt = 166,7 min-1
Continuous RPM np = 500 min-1
Suction height Hs = -2,2m

2 pcs synchronous three-phase generators, horizontal, air cooled. Generators are fitted with oil lubricated bearings.
Output PG = ~997,5 kW
RPM nG = 166,7 min-1
Continuous RPM nGp = 500 min-1
Voltage UN = 690 V
Frequency f = 50Hz
Max. effectivness G = 93,5 %
Weight per unit ~ 28 000 kg

Generator noise from 1m distance 85 dB (A)

Weir: the blocking construction of the weir is a water inflatable rubber bag
Max. blocking height 166,10 m n.m.
Number of weir fields: 2

This project is realized with the support of the European Union through the European Fund of Regional Development

In Slovak Republic the support is maintained through the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Economic growth, governed by the Ministry of Commerce of the Slovak Republic.


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